7 Feb 2017

Sailor Moon Pyrography Heart

It was my friend Jennie's birthday over the weekend and she's only just moved back to the UK. We studied the same course at uni (Business) but she did it with Japanese and then lived there.

I wanted to make her something really special for her birthday so I chose to do a Sailor Moon design. I love drawing manga anyway so was excited to recreate this on wood.

I chose a simple line drawing (if you Google 'black and white' with your desired image, you tend to get more simple drawings to follow) and traced it on to standard tracing paper....

The hearts I use are only £1 from The Works (or if you buy online, you can get 5 for £3.99!) and they are the best to use because they're made with pure wood. You can't burn on MDF.

I traced on the reverse of the tracing paper and then transferred the design to my wooden heart by scribbling over again with pencil. I'd recommend securing your design with masking tape so it doesn't move about! 

I then burnt the design on to my wooden heart using my Peter Child pyrography machine (on a heat setting of about 4). Once burnt, I rubbed off the remaining pencil marks. Always use a white eraser as remnants of the eraser can get stuck in the grain of the wood (trust me, I learnt the hard way!)

Here is the finished article...

I was really pleased with the finished design - and just how detailed you can draw with my new wire point machine. And Jennie loved her present!


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