13 Feb 2017

Map Valentine's Card

After making 30 Valentine's cards this year because of my charity sale, I was stuck with what card to make for my boyfriend. In fact, I'd be happy if I never saw a Valentine's Day card again! Except one given to me, that would be acceptable :)

I make my boyfriend a Valentine's card every year...and I knew last year's confetti shaker card would take some beating. I've seen other people cutting up old maps and using the caption 'You mean the world to me' but I had another idea...

Coventry Map Valentines Card

For the map, I wanted to use a map of Coventry as that is where we live together. My boyfriend is from Coventry but I've only lived here 3 years...so the caption is both romantic and true; I would literally be lost on the Coventry ring road without him directing me!

I printed a heart template on to white card and cut it out to use as my guide.

I managed to find an old Coventry map online that had a lot more detail than a modern map - and red going through it which I thought was perfect for a Valentine's card. I printed the Coventry map on to card and then drew around my white heart template and cut out...

I glued the heart to my card leaving space at the bottom for my message...

For the message, I wanted a nice hand written font so used these Me To You letter stamps and my clear acrylic block.

I stamped each letter one by one to ensure they lined up and then cut my message into two strips. So the last step was to stick the words to my card using 3D foam pads.

I have banned my boyfriend from reading my blog until after tomorrow now!

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