22 Feb 2017

Harry Potter Marauder's Map Box

My Mum bought me the Peter Child pyrography machine for Christmas, so when it was her birthday this month, it was only right that I burnt her something.

She's a massive Harry Potter fan (as am I!) and I'd been thinking about burning the Marauder's Map for ages but it would have been impossible with my old pyrography machine.

The project took about a week in total but I'm really pleased with the results!

Harry Potter Marauder's Map Pyrography Box

The first step was working out how I was going to do this as the actual Marauder's Map is very narrow and portrait. However, I managed to find a large landscape version on Pottermore. The only issue was half of it was back to front meaning the latin writing was wrong! I traced on to tracing paper and then re-traced on the reverse...then positioned the design on a large wooden box.

I then secured the tracing paper with masking tape and scribbled all over it to transfer the design...

Then it was time for the scary bit...the burning. The middle section was the bit I was most worried about so that was one of the bits I did first...

The bit that took the longest was Hogwarts due to all the detail and shading!

Harry Potter Marauder's Map Pyrography Box

For the latin writing, I had to use another picture to see what the latin writing should be to ensure they were the right words (the picture I traced wasn't very clear and lots of the words were back to front!)

I ended up freestyling the Whomping Willow a bit...

The last bit to do was the easiest and only took about an hour...

The last thing to do was to rub out all the pencil marks...

And there you have it, the design was finished! I then gave it to my Mum for her birthday on Sunday with all of her presents inside it. 

Harry Potter Marauder's Map Pyrography Box

I'm now working on my next Harry Potter project for someone else... Watch this space!


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