8 Feb 2017

Funny Valentine's Day Cards

I sell Valentine's cards every year for charity but got a lot of feedback last year such as "Do you have any that don't say 'love' on them?" and "Have you got any that are less mushy?". People obviously don't want to send a romantic "I love you soooo much" card to someone they've only just met on Tinder...

So alongside my "romantic" cards, I created a new range of funny Valentine's cards to sell at work and at Rock Choir rehearsals - with all the money raised going to Ward 15 of Birmingham Children's Hospital.

funny valentines card

As I'd be selling large volumes, I needed a range of cards that were quick and easy to make - and that could be made in batches.

I printed the card toppers on to white cardstock with a range of funny messages:

  • You'll do.
  • 'Stalker' is a harsh word. I prefer 'Valentine'.
  • Netflix and chill?
  • Happy Singles Awareness Day
  • Thanks for swiping right
  • Obligatory overly mushy sentimental Valentine's Day card
  • I love you more than Kanye loves Kanye
  • Nothing says I love you like a piece of folded card

And one with a Valentine's message in binary code for the nerds :)

I used 6x6" brown square card blanks from Hobbycraft and for the backing papers, I used the Dovecraft XOXO Paper Pack (which is only £4 for 72 papers so is really good value!)

Using my Fiskars paper cutter meant I could make lots of cards at the same time and really quickly. First I trimmed each paper down by 1cm...

This meant that when glued on to my card blanks, there was a border (it also meant I didn't have to take my time lining them up exactly when sticking them on!)

I then trimmed my card toppers down using my paper cutter and affixed to the cards using double-sided foam pads so they stood up from the backing paper slightly.

The last step was to stick a Dovecraft XOXO Heart Pearl on to the card to give it a finishing touch...

To give them a professional look when selling, I packaged each card in a self seal bag - they also ensure the envelope doesn't go AWOL.

The best selling card so far has been "You'll do." - who said romance was dead?!

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