20 Feb 2017

Cross Stitching for Love Quilts UK

I've been a stitcher for the charity Love Quilts UK since 2013 - if you haven't heard of the charity before, it's a group of volunteers that make quilts made up of cross stitch squares for children with life-threatening and life-long illnesses.

Every month, quilt sign-ups 'open' on the website for the children chosen from the lottery. Each quilt is personalised to that child - so all the squares are based on a theme their parents chose (e.g. Disney Princesses and Superheroes are very popular!). When signing up to stitch for a quilt, you fill in details on what you're going to stitch so that other people signing up don't choose the same design!

You then have a deadline to submit your finished cross stitch square by; usually about 3 months. All cross stitch squares should be 13" x 13" and on white aida, and the design cannot be bigger than 9" (which is 126 stitches max on 14 count aida). For more information on the stitching directions, see here.

Or if you don't like the pressure of signing up and having a deadline, the charity always needs 'Any Child Squares' - to see all the themes you can stitch (and the high priority themes), see here. You don't need to let the charity know when you're stitching an Any Child Square, just post it to them when finished :)

Alternatively, if you prefer to do smaller cross stitch designs, each quilt is sent accompanied by a cross stitched card. Card sign-ups open on the Love Quilts UK Facebook page so keep your eye on the page!

Here are the things I've stitched so far...

Hogwarts Express Ticket for Sophie G (Theme: Harry Potter). See finished quilt here.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Ticket Cross Stitch

Care Bear for Hope S (Theme: Female Disney and Care Bears). See finished quilt here.

Care Bear Cross Stitch

Minions for Harvey T (Theme: Disney Pixar and Minions). See finished quilt here.

Minions Cross Stitch

Frozen Elsa & Anna for Emily H (Theme: Female Disney Characters). See finished quilt here.

Frozen Cross Stitch

Tinkerbell for Charmaine L (Theme: Disney Princesses). See finished quilt here.

Tinkerbell Cross Stitch

Wizard of Oz Yellow Brick Road for an emergency quilt (Theme: Rainbows). See finished quilt here.

Wizard of Oz Cross Stitch

Pocahontas & Friends for Rebecca P (Theme: Female Disney Characters). See finished quilt here.

Pocahontas Cross Stitch

...And a Snow White card for Grace H (Theme: Female Disney Characters). See finished quilt and card here.

Snow White Cross Stitch


  1. Thanks Emma! :) Signups currently open every Wednesday and Saturday, and as well as stitchers we particularly need quilters - a valuable resource!

  2. Do you have a pattern for the Hogwarts ticket? I would love to make that!

  3. thanks Emma, have you got a pattern for the Hogwart's ticket please, I can't find it on Etsy. Thanks a lot

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  5. Hello! It seems the Hogwarts train ticket is no longer available on Etsy & I can't even find it on the internet. Maybe do you still have a pattern and could share? It looks so lovely. Thank you in advance.