2 Feb 2017

Banksy Applique Cushions

My boyfriend and I love Banksy so when we moved into our new house, I really wanted some Banksy cushions. After hunting around on Amazon, I couldn't see any that I liked as they were all printed and looked quite cheap.

As Banksy does his designs with stencils, I wondered if it would be possible to recreate his infamous designs using applique.

Be warned: these ended up being really fiddly!

The first attempt was the Panda design. I printed out a simple black and white image of the design (courtesy of Google Images) to cut my pieces out of black fabric.

I then stuck these to my beige fabric using Wundaweb and sewed around each piece using my sewing machine (a very narrow zig-zag stitch).

In hindsight, some of the small strips would have been much easier to hand stitch rather than attempt to applique!

The finished design looked like this...

My Mum then made me this Balloon Girl cushion so that we had a pair for our new sofa - and gave it me for my birthday...

Watch out for my upcoming post on how to make your own Scrabble cushions too!



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