17 Jan 2017

Postage Stamp Cards

With Valentine's Day under a month away, why not add a personal touch by making a handmade card?

I am currently in the process of making lots of Valentine's cards to sell at work for Birmingham Children's Hospital, so will be sharing some of my ideas with you over the next few weeks.

Some of my favourite cards to make (whether it's for Valentine's, a birthday or for Christmas) are ones using old postage stamps. Insert pun here about making cards that are 'first class'!

These cards are super quick to make - in fact, the only thing that takes time is collecting the stamps to actually make them. If you have the patience, tear off the corners of all the letters you receive - or if you're lazy like me, you can pick up batches of used stamps from charity shops or car boot sales. I bought a huge bag from a car boot sale and then sorted the stamps into groups (Christmas, generic 'Queen' stamps, and special editions - arghhh, I'm boring myself just reminiscing about doing it!)

For example, I had a good collection of Scottish ones so I was able to make my mother-in-law (who is from Aberdeen) a personalised Birthday card...

It all started with my sister Sarah's idea to make Christmas cards with old Christmas stamps...

For any of these postage stamp cards, you'll need to soak the stamp off from the envelope before you can begin. I fill tupperware with water and then place the stamps face up in the water until the bit of envelope still on the back is totally saturated. Then you can peel it off really easily. You'll then need to place the stamps on a piece of kitchen roll to dry out.

Meanwhile, draw/trace the shape you want (e.g. a heart) on to white card and then cut out. You then have your base to start sticking your postage stamps on to. Don't worry about lining the stamps up with the edges of your card shape as you can trim the excess off with scissors when you're done. 

There are no hard and fast rules with how you position your stamps; you can scatter them randomly as I did for the Scottish and Christmas cards, or if all your stamps are the same size, you can line them up in rows...

Also, don't be put off by stamps that have been franked and have marks on. These ones add more detail to your card and show that they're used postage stamps - which is the whole point!


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